A modern day Renaissance man.


One of the most fascinating aspects of the Negro Baseball Leagues is that its impact stretches beyond the baseball diamond. Negro Baseball League history is draped in a fabric that mirrors America’s culture. From segregation to integration, the progression of America’s race relation journey is literally reflected in events that unfolded in the Negro Baseball Leagues. The historic signing of Negro Baseball League player Jackie Robinson to the major leagues was “the beginning of the modern day Civil Rights movement”. Byron’s production, THE NEGRO BASEBALL LEAGUES: An American Legacy will be its defining production.


With diverse interests and talents, Byron is producing a television documentary about the historic Negro Baseball Leagues entitled “The Negro Baseball Leagues ▪ An American Legacy”. The Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City, MO continues to use this documentary as a promotional movie featured in its traveling museum.
In a separate film project, acclaimed Producer/Director Penny Marshall is also attached to Produce and direct a biopic that Byron co-wrote about Effa Manley (the first woman ever inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame).